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Item #1905  This piece is comprised of lime green chalcedony barrels and "dragons vein" art glass beads.  The large "wing" is a created piece of glass which is cast as liquid into a hand carved mold.  It is also identified as "dragon's vein.  The necklace is about 18" long and the focal is nearly 2" x  1.25"

Price $18.00

Item #1906 "Summer's Here" features puffed rectangular glass beads in bright white accented with pale clear blue art glass and white lampwork glass dice with dots of blue.  There are medium flattened and fluted spheres of silver and a large filigree sphere as the focal point.  Necklace measures approx. 28". The puffed rectangular beads are approximately 3/4" long by 3/8" wide.

Price $15.00

Created by Cindy Gresham