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Item 1855 4 med. and 1 large hematite coins on ssf chain. Price $12.00
Item TBD2 Flattened mag. barrels separated with Mag. "teeth" . Price $15.00
Item 1952 3 truncated ovals, small triangles and 18 rectangles in beautiful turquoise-dyed magnesite. Price $18.00
Wish I had fingers so I could order a new necklace!
Hot Pink magnesite coins (larger than a quarter) with hot pink glass pearls on ssf chain. $15.00
Item 1866 Deep peach and grey falling heart with palte peach and light peach quartz beads and accents of 14kt gold filled beads. Price $10.00
Item 1891 Large magnesite oval coin on14kt gold filled wire with large parrot jasper focal and tiny teal bicone crystals on 16 inch gold filled chain. $15.00
"Composite" falling heart on vinyl neck ring. Sterling silver filled accents. Stone made from chip leftovers from other hearrs. $10.00
Item 1930 Pale pink oval agate on sterling silver wire suspended from necklace of pale pink agate beads, sterling silver filled lazer cut beads, on ssf chain. Price $15.00
Item 1810 Chocolate glass pearls, dusky and clear swarovsky crystals on 18" sterling silver filled chain. Price $12.00
Created by Cindy Gresham